Landscape near Diilerilaaq (Tiniteqilaaq).

keywords:2 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

A Bearded Seal

Rasmus Massanti has captured a bearded seal. The bearded seal is processed in front of the house on the waterfront. Rasmus Massanti is visible in the photograph, wearing a white shirt. He is handling the skin of the bearded ...

keywords:10 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Children on the Lookout

Children, who were adopted into the family of Efraim Larsen, on the lookout for the Sermilik Fjord. Left the kayak of Efraim.

keywords:6 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Kayak in detail

Detail of the kayak of Efraim Larsen.Visible from left to right catch bladder, harpoon point, paddle, icepick

keywords:3 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973


Detailed view of Efraim Larsens kayak. Visible: the catch bladder and the harpoon mounted with a harpoon point.

keywords:3 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Young Dog

Puppy under the stand on which Efraim Larsens kayak is resting. 

keywords:3 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Margrethe Larsen with Children

Margrethe Larsen, who is the niece of Efraim Larsen, leans on the kayak and faces away from the kayak. 

keywords:5 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Efraim Larsen's kayak

The front of the kayak belonging to Efraim Larsen. The button is visible on the tip of the kayak, this protects it against the ice. The white camouflage tarp is also photographed. The strap on the front is visible, it i...

keywords:4 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Efraim Larsen's kayak

The rear of Efraim Larsen's kayak. The picture shows the Alete, the catch bladder, the paddle. On the left hand corner of the catchbladder a hooded seal tooth is visible with a belt to tighten it. The spot from whe...

keywords:5 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Margarethe Larsen

Margarethe Larsen, a niece of Efraim is trying to [draw out?]. Several kayak related objects are visible in this photo. The catch bladder, part of the paddle [other part is tucked underneath the belt] a modern Alete, earlier...

keywords:3 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Collection of Objects

A table with a number of objects in different stages of being made. The objects are [being] created by Efraim Larsen. The objects come from what one might call 'an old sock', ie these objects were stored in a pair of old soc...

keywords:3 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1973

Erinarteq Jonathansen

Noor Nooter captures the scene in colour. 

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