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A hunter [Noor Nooter?] is underway with a  shooting screen, rifle and a ice pick . The sharp points of the mountains mean that it is a young mountain range. In addition, an ancient mountain range is visible. 

keywords:4 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

On the ice with a Shooting Screen

Noor Nooter demonstrates the use of the gun with a shooting screen . She is lying on the ice . Noor won the prize for women in target shooting .

keywords:6 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

Hunter Shooting with Sled

A hunter with a shooting screen. 

keywords:5 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

Gaba Kristiansen with rifle and shooting sled

Gaba Kristiansen with rifle and shooting sled. Gaba is busy with a camouflage screen in the snow next to his sled. His sled dogs are lying down in the background.

keywords:5 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

Efraim Larsen with a kayak

"Efraim Larsen with a kayak. The lid of an oil drum has been placed over the cockpit to keep the rain out. Efraim Larsen is wearing glasses and has a throwing stick in his right hand and a watch on his left wrist. Visible in fr...

keywords:5 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1968