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Noor , Aartjan and Jeroen Nooter . Noor has short hair because of the lice. Aartjan is wearing a wetsuit, borrowed from an Englishman who was visiting.

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Man in a kayak

Man in a kayak. 

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Tarkissimat Tarkissimat

Tarkissimat Tarkissimat in his kayak.

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Right the doctor's boat arrives with a entourage.

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Lars Jonathansen

Lars Jonathansen pulling his sled himself. Lars works in the store . After he had once turned his kayak , his mother said he was not allowed to be a hunter. Lars is married to a daughter of the widow Elisa and so his wi...

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Summer Trek

We are sailing. A kayak is brought along onbaord the motorboat. 

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Collecting Ice

Aartjan Nooter comes running with a backpack full of ice for water. At home, the ice melted and turned into [drinking] water.

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Men carry kayak in Aappilattoq.

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Man in kayak moors. On the ice the seal he has just captured is visible. 

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Kayak with hunter coming ashore. He has just captured a seal. The bladder is floating on the water. 

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Wintersun on the ice. In the foreground a rack is visible with a kayak. 

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On the Coast

Aappilattoq. Scene on the shore. Children on a sled, youngsters are playing on a boat on dry land. In the foreground Gerti Nooter is walking hand in hand with a child. Sleds are out in the snow. 

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